Additional Business Services


Commercial Banking Service Needs:


Sunrise Commercial Analysis Checking

Your business demands an accurate, convenient banking service. You can depend on it with a Sunrise Bank Commercial Checking Account. One of the lowest cost business checking accounts anywhere! A minimum opening deposit of $100.00 is required. Check images are returned with monthly statements. 

Premium Sweep Accounts 

A Business Sweep Account from Sunrise Bank provides you with the convenience of a checking account and the earning power of an investment account. When paired with our Business Checking account, it maximizes your earnings, while ensuring that you always have sufficient funds to cover checking activity. A predetermined target balance is determined and then funds in excess of that amount are automatically swept between the two accounts as needed. 

Zero Balance Account 

Eliminate the need to monitor balances for multiple accounts and simplify record keeping, while consolidating balances to a single master account. A zero balance account structure identifies a master checking account to which zero balance accounts are linked. Balances move to or from the master account daily, to insure a zero balance in the subsidiary account at the opening of each business day. No more money juggling between accounts, last-minute transfers or wasted idle money; only accurate, efficient money management and an increased bottom line.

Sunrise Bank Cash Manager

Cash Manager is Sunrise Bank’s internet banking solution, offering the best in automation and all the tools necessary to increase efficiencies.

Ø View daily and monthly account history. 

Ø Transfer funds between accounts. 

Ø Search account history by check number amount, date or ranges. 

Ø View and print check images and statements. 

Ø Initiate Stop Payments and Wire Transfers. 

Ø Originate ACH items; including complete files and Direct Deposit of Payroll

Ø Assign account access and transactional rights. 

Ø Pay any bill, anywhere in the U.S. at any time. 

Ø Organize, simplify and manage financial transactions.

ACH Services

Sunrise Bank is an originator for ACH debits and credits. This automated service provides you convenience and accuracy by replacing paper-based transactions with more efficient electronic transactions. Your company’s payroll can be electronically deposited into your employees’ personal banking accounts at any financial institution.

Merchant Services

Sunrise Bank partners with Automated Merchant Systems* to offer you the best in Customer Service, Innovative Solutions and industry leading Security when it comes to Merchant Services. When you partner with us on your Merchant Services you know that you will receive the best solutions for your Small Business. *subject to credit approval – outsourced through a third- party vendor.

Corporate Credit Cards

Corporate Credit Cards* are offered through The Independent Bankers Bank, providing an outstanding card with excellent customer service. This card offering provides complete control over SIC code access for each cardholder as well as robust, customized monthly reporting of card activity. *subject to credit approval – outsourced through a third-party vendor.

Lockbox Services

Sunrise Bank's Lockbox Services allows you to remove the deposit processing function from your business and significantly reduces the time and expense of processing customer payments. It gives you the option to eliminate manual payment posting. It can also reduce your collection time by one, two, or even three days.

Positive Pay

With Positive Pay at Sunrise Bank, checks presented against your company’s account are compared to an electronic file of issued checks that you provide us, protecting your account from check fraud. Using Cash Manager, you will have the ability to make pay/return decisions on each unmatched check.

Ø Prevents fraudulent checks from being negotiated. 

Ø Pay/return decisions made from your office daily. 

Ø Low Cost 

Ø Quick, Easy, Effective

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture from Sunrise Bank lets you conveniently turn receivables into available cash with maximum speed. With Remote Deposit Capture you scan checks and transmit the scanned images to Sunrise Bank for posting and clearing. You save time and have more immediate access to your deposits. Sunrise Bank’s cutoff time for same day credit of business deposits received by your business through Remote Deposit Capture is 5:00 pm. 


Wire Transfer Services

Sunrise Bank offers a dedicated Wire Transfer staff providing outstanding customer service and online access through our Cash Management system.

Your business will submit domestic wire transfer requests no later than 4:30 pm and International wire transfer requests no later than 3:00 pm on any given business day to have it processed that same day. Wire transfers may easily be submitted through our Online Banking Cash Management product, via fax or in person at any of our branches by authorized personnel of your business.


For questions regarding any of the services above please contact Treasury Support at 407-601-3608